Friday, July, 19, 2024 08:05:03

The community-based non-profit AdvantAge Ontario reportedly welcomed the 2019 Ontario Budget and the government’s new commitment to add long term care beds and investments in home and community care. As per the budget, the government has allocated $1.75 billion for the next five years for adding 15,000 long term care beds and revamp 15,000 existing beds.

Lisa Levin, Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Ontario, said in a statement that the association supports the changes proposed to the system making healthcare easier to navigate and more integrated for Ontario’s senior citizens.

Levin further stated that this is the best solution to lessen waiting periods in long term care, which has been of high priority for AdvantAge Ontario and its members for several years. This move will help more seniors access the care they require in their community while being close to family and friends, added Levin.

The association will ensure the remaining 15,000 long term care beds which are slated for refurbishment by 2025 also attain government funding and support so that they can be available, cited sources.

According to a press release by Advantage Ontario, the government will also be investing $267 million for home and community care. This encompasses much-anticipated investments in assisted living for elders in-home care, supportive housing, and community services. Additionally, the province is working on a new strategy to advance the lives of seniors and offer support and resources to assist them in living independently.

To guarantee the new long-term care beds are actually available and more home and community care can be given, AdvantAge Ontario is reportedly urging the government to work along with the sector to design a long-lasting and combined health human resource plan that considers the issues faced by seniors in all care settings. Moreover, AdvantAge Ontario also commends $4 billion in provincial and federal funding for the housing sector in the next nine years.