Wednesday, June, 19, 2024 10:42:27

Pöyry, which provides consulting services on CFD, has reportedly launched a new digital service, Advanced Modelling and Simulation (AMS) for building new value for its clients, assisting them in making better informed decisions at an early stage, optimizing OPEX costs, reducing risks along with maximizing reliability and efficiency.

Apparently, the clients of the company could now virtually visualize fluid and heat flow scenarios which were only speculated before.

Managing Director for Switzerland, Marcel Winter, said in a statement that Pöyry Switzerland is taking their fluid-flow simulation’s capability to a whole new level through enlarging the current know-how with the creation of AMS, a dedicated service.

Winter added that AMS is focused on niche CFD and combines tools and know-how in a distinctive way. AMS reflects the transfer of services, tools, as well as human expertise, and would be serving clients along with the lead business units of Pöyry.

A news release from Pöyry reveals that building on the Computer Aided Engineering solutions and latest digital techniques, the AMS service is enabled by TransAT©, a powerful fluid-flow simulation platform. This platform delivers transient, multi-dimensional flow-process predictions available in major business sectors: industry, infrastructure and energy.

The clients of the company allegedly face challenges in staying ahead of the game through validation of feasibility as well as new concepts in a quick and reliable way. CFD assists in getting upfront insight for supporting investment decisions through simulating proof of concepts and initial studies.

Pöyry said that its clients could maximize reliability and efficiency of their systems and products by retro-fitting existing assets or improving designs and validating new ideas with CFD simulations. Virtual simulations of real-life scenarios are purportedly being performed at a fraction of laboratory experiment costs and are now taking less time. Moreover, in some critical cases, advanced simulations are the only way of understanding key phenomena which control the processes.