Friday, July, 19, 2024 08:21:33

Thales Group, a France-based multinational aerospace and technology company, has reportedly announced the inclusion of Singapore into its digital factory network. Reportedly, Singapore is the third country welcoming the Thales Digital Factory, after France and Canada.

For those uninitiated, Thales Digital Factory is an IT (Information Technology) platform where professionals in Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence build up industry-centered solutions for institutions of aerospace, transportation, defense and security.

According to sources, the Singapore Digital Factory will house a team of close to thirty experts, including software engineers, cybersecurity experts, scrum masters, data scientists and designers by the year 2019. The firm further intends to double their number of employees and invest more than EUR 20 million (S$31.2 million) over the period of three to five years.

As per credible reports, the Thales Group, with its digital factory network, aims to produce high-technology data-based solutions for the region utilizing local expertise. The customers of the company include the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Airlines, SMRT and Changi Airport.

Olivier Flous, Vice President, Thales Digital factory, was reportedly quoted stating that the company is now expanding to Singapore in a bid to bring its Asia Pacific partners and customers closer to the firm. It aims at encouraging closer collaboration in the addressing of challenges that the local organizations face. He further claimed that the company hopes to develop the pool of talent of digital experts in Singapore, proving itself to be a true partner to the country’s innovation ecosystem.

As per relevant sources, the digital factory of Thales works with a lean startup mindset, with a purpose to deliver the foremost versions of new digital services in a short span of time. This helps the firm to test its business and operational values through MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).