Wednesday, June, 19, 2024 09:16:11

A leading American provider of global biopharmaceutical services, Parexel, has recently announced that it is joining forces with Eli Lilly and Company to unveil a new program of clinical research learning & development in China. Reportedly, the program is expected to bring quality training opportunities to the region’s clinical trial sets and investigators.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the partnership is based on a joint vision of the companies to address the unmet healthcare need and promote innovation and globalization in drug development. It has been reported that the combined program will use the prospectus developed by Parexel academy for drug investigators and will also issue certifications to the attendees who complete the training.

It has been reported that the Chinese government has recently released sets of new schemes and policies for clinical trials to encourage innovation in drug development. The move is also expected to boost China’s participation in the number of clinical research and trials.

As reported by the clinical trial registration platform of China, in 2017, 1,258 drug clinical trials were listed & broadcasted for the very first time in the country – marking a significant increase of 62.66% as that of 2016.

The notable upsurge in clinical research has put a strain on China’s clinical research capacity and resources, cite sources.

If reports are to be believed, this collaboration is expected to improve the overall implementing phase of local clinical trials, while propelling clinical innovation in China’s biopharmaceutical market.

Dr. Albert Siu, Corporate VP of Parexel (Global Learning and Development) was quoted saying that with its massive global footprint the company has amassed rich expertise in clinical trial management. He further added that the company’s collaboration with Eli Lilly will further help more number of clinical trial investigators in China, while expediting innovation in China’s biopharmaceutical industry.

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